Patrol & Investigations







The Harvard Police Department is a full-service police department operating 24 hours every day. The Department currently has 15 sworn Officers who serve a community of approximately 10,000 residents. To maintain the high quality of life and low crime rate in the City, the Police Department incorporates a comprehensive, pro-active approach to delivering police services. The Department serves the citizens of the community in a number of ways.

Uniformed patrol officers are responsible for protecting persons and property of the citizens of Harvard. Other duties and responsibilities include: enforcement of laws and ordinances; the prevention and investigation of crime and delinquency; the apprehension and detention of violators; and the preservation of order and related police services.

Bicycle Patrol Function

At some point in their career, officers are trained to patrol the City on a bicycle. The City has four bicycles that can be utilized for this function. Bicycle patrol has many advantages over traditional motorized or foot patrol. Bicycles can go more places than motor vehicles, get places faster than being on foot. They are less noticeable than their motorized counterpart. Officers on bicycles are more approachable to the public, allowing for greater community interaction.


Foot Patrol

Officers of the Harvard Police Department still can be seen on foot patrol around the down town area and any organized events through out the city. C*O*P which stands for Community Oriented Policing is a vital function in Police/Citizen relations. Each Officer is incouraged to spend time out of his or her shift to get out of the patrol vehicle and go into businesses to be more approachable to the citizens of Harvard.



Harvard Police Officers assigned to Investigations are responsible for general case assignments. They are highly trained in the collection and preservation of evidence, interviewing and interrogating techniques, recovery of property, and ultimately the apprehension of offenders and preparing the case for a successful prosecution. They maintain a working relationship with other law enforcement agencies to gather and disseminate intelligence information. Investigators can be contacted by calling the non-emergency telephone number (1.815.943.4431)) or by e-mail to Detective Leard at  leard@cityofharvard.org


McHenry County M.I.A.T.

The Harvard Police Department is a member of the McHenry County Major Investigation Assistance Team. The mission of the Major Investigation Assistance Team (M.I.A.T) is to assist a member agency, at the request of that agency, who is involved in a major investigation by providing additional trained manpower and equipment. The Harvard Police Department is also a member of the McHenry County Gang unit.


Harvard "Tac Team"

The tactical team is comprised of rifle trained Harvard officers who may be called in to respond to critical situations although primarily works drug enforcment. Any drug tips or leads can be called in on the crime stoppers line 815-943-4343 or email sent to Sergeant Spielman at   spielman@cityofharvard.org