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Building Inspection Information

Building inspections require a 24 hour advance notice.

Building Department office hours: 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri.

No office hours or inspections on weekends or holidays.

Special office hours can be made by appointment.

City of Harvard Building Department Plan Requirements for Multi-Family Dwelling Structures
Minimum information required to review Construction Plans for Multi-Family Construction:

  1. Copy of recent survey showing building location, parking areas, and storm water detention.

  2. Name and address of the project, business or building.

  3. Use group and type of construction.

  4. Gross floor area of the building and dimensions, all areas must be labeled for their intended use (i.e.: office, storage, enclosed parking, laundry etc.)

  5. The scale used must be identified on the plans.

  6. Provide a plan to include exit lights and emergency lighting.

  7. Construction documents shall designate the type of construction and fire resistance rating of all structural elements as required by the BOCA Code. The Construction documents shall also include documentation or supporting data substantiating all required fire resistance ratings, including details and materials for providing the required fire resistance ratings at joints and penetrations of fire resistance rated assemblies. The construction documents shall also indicate details and methods for fireblocking.

  8. Show all exits and exit access corridors, give dimensions of both and provide fire resistance ratings.

  9. Provide a door schedule to include the fire resistance rating, in hours, of all doors including hardware, jambs and closures.

  10. Indicate if the building is equipped with a fire suppression system, and if it is protected with a fire alarm system.

  11. Provide interior finish schedules, flamespread and smoke development ratings.

  12. Provide cross sections necessary to accurately depict construction details.

  13. Provide elevations.

  14. Provide HVAC, Plumbing, and electrical schematics.

  15. All pages of plans must bear the seal and signature of the architect or engineer who is responsible for the design. Two full sets of plans are required to be submitted.