City Administrator Dave Nelson                    

815 943-6468                    

815 405-8791 (cell)


201 W. Diggins St.

The City Council employs a full time City Administrator. The City Administrator's office has primary responsibility for the day to day operations of the City and all departments. The Administrator's office provides all administrative services including payroll, personnel, accounts payable, accounting and budgeting. In addition, this administrative office serves as the primary point of communication with the City Council, established City Council Committees and the public. In summary, it is the responsibility of the City Administrator and staff on behalf of the City Council to execute its policies, enforce its ordinances and resolutions, and otherwise manage the affairs of the City as directed by the City Council.


Administrative Assistant

Lori Moller

City Bookkeeper/Treasurer                           

Deb Szczap                                                    


Dial-A-Ride Dispatch

Connie Bough

Water Billing Clerk

Christie Murillo


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